ISCA SPSC Symposium

3rd Symposium on Security and Privacy in Speech Communication

joined with

3nd VoicePrivacy Challenge Workshop

August 19, 2023 co-located with Interspeech 2023

Dublin City University (Dublin, Ireland)

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Speech and voice are media through which we express ourselves. Speech communication can be used to command virtual assistants, to transport emotion or to identify oneself. How can we strengthen security and privacy for speech representation types in user-centric human/machine interaction?

Interdisciplinary exchange is in high demand. The need to better understand and develop user-centric security solutions and privacy safeguard in speech communication is of growing importance for commercial, forensic, and government applications. The SPSC Symposium is a platform to seek better designed services and products as well as better informed policy papers for legislators and governance. The symposium is organized by the ISCA SPSC special interest group and the VoicePrivacy Challenge Team.

The third edition of the Symposium on Security & Privacy in Speech Communication, focuses on speech and voice through which we express ourselves. As speech communication can be used to command virtual assistants to transport emotion or to identify oneself, the symposium encourages participants to give answers on how we can strengthen security and privacy for speech representation types in user-centric human/machine interaction? The symposium therefore sees that interdisciplinary exchange is in high demand and aims to bring together researchers and practitioners across multiple disciplines – more specifically: signal processing, cryptography, security, human-computer interaction, law, ethics, and anthropology.

The third edition of the VoicePrivacy Challenge Workshop is spearheading the effort to develop privacy preservation solutions for speech technology. It aims to consolidate the newly formed community to develop the task and metrics and to benchmark progress in anonymization solutions using common datasets, protocols and metrics. VoicePrivacy 2022 Challenge participants are encouraged to submit to the SPSC Symposium papers related to their Challenge entry, as well as other scientific papers related to voice privacy and anonymization.

To strengthen the efforts for both events, ease joined discussions, and extend the interdisciplinary exchange, we decided to combine our teams and organized a joined event. For the general symposium, we welcome contributions to related topics, as well as progress reports, project dissemination, or theoretical discussions and “work in progress”. In addition, guests from academia, industry and public institutions as well as interested students are welcome to attend the conference without having to make their own contribution.

Although, we aim for meeting all of you on-site, we also opt for virtual presentations during the symposium.

Keynote Speaker

The societal implications of generative models by Atoosa Kasirzadeh (University of Edinburgh)

Atoosa Kasirzadeh

Abstract: Will follow.

Bio: Atoosa Kasirzadeh is a philosopher, mathematician, and systems engineer. She is a tenure-track assistant professor, the Director of Research at the Centre for Technomoral Futures in the Futures Institute at the University of Edinburgh, and a Research Lead at the Alan Turing Institute. Prior to this, she was a visiting research scientist at Google DeepMind in London and a postdoctoral research fellow at the Australian National University. Her current research is focused on the social implications of artificial. intelligence, with a special focus on generative models and recommender systems.

Call for Papers

The Symposium aims at laying the first building blocks required to address the question of how researchers and practitioners might bridge the gap between social perceptions and their technical counterparts with respect to what it means for our voices and speech to be secure and private. The symposium brings together researchers and practitioners across multiple disciplines – more specifically: signal processing, cryptography, security, human-computer interaction, law, and anthropology. By integrating different disciplinary perspectives on speech-enabled technology and applications, the SPSC Symposium opens opportunities to collect and merge input regarding technical and social practices, as well as a deeper understanding of the situated ethics at play.

The SPSC Symposium addresses interdisciplinary topics.

For more details, see CFP

SPSC Topics regarding the technical perspective and the humanities view include, but are not limited to:

  • Speech Communication on the sense of security and privacy
  • Cybersecurity for speech processing
  • Machine Learning to increase security and privacy
  • Natural Language Processing and privacy
  • Human-Computer Interfaces (Speech as Medium)
  • Ethics & Law
  • Digital Humanities


Papers intended for the SPSC Symposium should be up to eight pages of text. The length should be chosen appropriately to present the topic to an interdisciplinary community. Paper submissions must conform to the format defined in the paper preparation guidelines and as detailed in the author’s kit. Papers must be submitted via the online paper submission system on EasyChair. The working language of the conference is English, and papers must be written in English. All accepted papers will be published in the ISCA archive alongside Interspeech papers and related ISCA workshops.

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At least three single-blind reviews are provided, and we aim to obtain feedback from interdisciplinary experts for each submission. For VoicePrivacy Challenge contributions, the review will be focused on the systems’ descriptions and the results.


Registration fees for the event:

  • In person (Dublin City University, Dublin Ireland) Full: 38€
  • In person (Dublin City University, Dublin Ireland) Student: 24€
  • Virtual: free

The registration to the workshop can be performed using the Interspeech registration system For the event-only registration (without attending INTERSPEECH 2023), please write a Mail to the Chair Ingo Siegert

The event is open to everyone, regardless of their contribution to the VoicePrivacy challenge or SPSC symposium.


May, 05

Paper submission opens

June, 9th

Interspeech Early Bird Registration Deadline

June, 12th

Long and short paper submission deadline and VoicePrivacy Challenge paper

July, 5th

Acceptance Notification

July, 31th

Final Paper Submission

August, 19th


Organizing Committee

Ingo SIEGERT, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Jennifer WILLIAMS, University of Southampton, UK

Sneha DAS, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Natalia TOMASHENKO, LIA - Avignon University, France

Program Commitee

Tom BÄCKSTRÖM, Aalto University, Finland

Irina ILLINA, University of Lorraine, France

Hung-yi LEE, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Karla MARKERT, Fraunhofer AISEC, Germany

Shri NARAYANAN, University of Southern California

Salima MEDHAFFAR, LIA - Avignon University, France

Gerald PENN, University of Toronto, Canada